ARPHA Proceedings 1: 171-182, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0105
Pedagogical Orientation of Student Teachers to Universal Values
expand article infoElena A. Evsetsova, Svetlana G. Dobrotvorskaya, Alexander F. Ponomarev
Open Access
Relevance of the problem of pedagogical orientation of student teachers to universal values in the context of pedagogical education’ transformation is determined by the globalization challenge. Globalization challenges cardinally change the whole education system, firstly, goals, values, meanings and results of education, secondly, models of teacher training, thirdly, models of educational practices, fourthly, poly-paradigm educational space’s development strategy. The goal of the article is to show the important role of pedagogical orientation of student teachers to universal values, especially in the context of globalization challenges to search for universal values’ matrix and in pursuit of interiorization of universal values that can promote spiritual convergence and the integration of societies. The problem of the student teachers’ pedagogical orientation to universal values is considered using the methods, first of all, the method of constructive - genetic research of educational values, idealization and extrapolation. The results of the study are the clarification of the term "an open system of universal values", development of universal values’ matrix on the base of extrapolation, idealization and constructive - genetic research methods and a systematization of pedagogical conditions of students’ orientation to universal values, which are adequate to a professional activities of feature teachers. Practical importance of research results is determined by the possibility of using theoretical positions and conclusion for their further realization in the process of pedagogical orientation of students to universal values. Recommendations for teachers on issues of students’ orientation to universal values are offered. A special questionnaire and a method of assessment and self-assessment of students’ level of universal values can be applied in the pedagogical practice.
pedagogical orientation of student teachers, universal values, universal values’ matrix, an open system of universal values, axiologization of poly-paradigm educational environment at university.