ARPHA Proceedings 1: 147-158, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0091
Formation of the Professional Position of the Additional Education Teacher
expand article infoGalina V. Egorova, Irina A. Akhmetshina, Olga N. Poddubskaya
Open Access
The article reveals the problem of the formation of the professional position of the additional education teacher. At the present stage of sustainable, rapid development of Russian society and in the context of modernization of the national education system, the introduction of new educational standards and the professional standard "Additional education teacher of children and adults" the role of the teacher as an active subject of the educational process and a specialist, who is aspiring and capable of professional self-development, self-improvement in the process of performing a certain kind of professional activity is updated and significantly increases. These aspects acquired a particular significance in the context of the relevance of the staffing issue in additional education institutions. The purpose of the article is to justify the importance of the problem of formation of the professional position of additional education teacher, to determine the readiness of teachers for professional activities, to develop and approbate the corporate training program "The successful teacher". The leading method in the research of the indicated problem is questioning method which was used among 118 teachers and allowed to reveal the level of the readiness of additional education teachers for professional activity. The article substantiates the need to organize work on corporate training and raising the level of professional skill through the system of continuous professional development of teachers of an institution of additional education of children. The materials presented in the article confirm that new requirements for the quality of educational services against the background of the shortage of qualified specialists, exclusivity and specificity of activities in additional education accent the paramount importance of the formation of the professional position of the teacher.
education, teacher, continuous education, additional education, postgraduate training, professional adaptation.