ARPHA Proceedings 1: 131-145, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0084
Teacher Training for Masters Of Engineering: Didactic Analysis
expand article infoAleksey Dorofeev, Galina Bukalova
Open Access
Changes in the educational system of the Masters of Engineering degree program – second cycle technical higher education – are driven by the dynamic development of the post-industrial society. A new management culture based on the set of corporate values is being developed in the field of technical production. A multi-panel study identified a demand of major stakeholders for Masters of Engineering having competencies that reflect their willingness to organize the process of teaching corporate culture to production personnel. This competency type is implemented as a specific work-based educational activity. In this regard, the second cycle of engineering education shows an issue of teacher training for Master's students, which was previously not emphasized. Master's students are required to be trained to teach not only at higher educational institutions but also in a production management environment. This peculiarity determines the innovation of the above educational process component of the Masterэs Degree program. This paper analyzes the didactic specifics of the educational activity aimed at teaching corporate culture to production personnel. The paper also specifies the position of a facilitator that replaces that of an expert teacher and formulates the academic problem of teaching to Master's students of specific didactic tools appropriate for corporate culture development.
educational research; corporate culture; didactics; production personnel training; educational innovations.