ARPHA Proceedings 1: 89-100, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0069
The Methodological Aspects of the Research-Based Teacher Education
expand article infoNatalia S. Chernyakova
Open Access
The aim of the study is to analyze the methodological bases for the development of students’ research skills in pedagogical education. The importance of this analysis is determined by the fact that many graduates of pedagogical universities perceive scientific activity as the study and compilation of other people’s ideas. The formation of students’ research skills is impossible without understanding that scientific knowledge is a special and unique in many ways form of cognitive activity, which is based on the methodological rules of science and cannot be replaced by any other. The effectiveness of students’ research practice is determined to a significant extent by the understanding that none of the questions the answers to which can be found within the existing body of scientific knowledge or in the process of everyday knowledge is a scientific problem. Since the ideality of all humanities, including pedagogical, research objects makes it impossible to use the methods of natural sciences in the study of these objects, it is necessary to develop not only students’ ability to carry out empirical research of material products of culture and material aspects of human activity, but also to form the methodological basis for the study of the ideal content of these products and activities. The specificity of pedagogical research is that the practical use of their results is included in the complex process of interaction of social beings with consciousness, will and unique individual features, which any theoretical model cannot take into account and explain.
science; scientific problem; humanities knowledge; research-based practice; teacher education.