ARPHA Proceedings 1: 35-44, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0031
Teacher Training for Developing of Supportive Environment through Computer Technology for Prevention of Early School Drop Out
expand article infoDimitrina I. Branekova, Daniela T. Kozhuharova
Open Access
Educational reasons are some of the most common causes for early school drop out and are directly linked to the professional competencies of educators and their role in the educational processes. Solving those issues is possible and meaningful for the establishment of supportive environment which allows equal access to education to all and is the basis of preventative measures against early drop out. Informational technologies could be helpful to create a supportive environment in schools by improving education and easing the learning process, knowledge acquiring process and creating opportunities for students to achieve more by developing their intellectual qualities. The article presents a model of in-service post-graduate teacher training for enriching knowledge and skills, development of digital supportive environment for prevention of early school dropout especially when working with students with low motivation and difficulties in learning.The training was implemented among in-service teachers as well as in the bachelor’s and master’s program for students in pedagogical majors. The following methods for teacher training for working in a supportive environment are explored:  visualization of educational content through multi-media presentational learning materials  visualization of educational content though mind maps  digital games for cognitive development  applied programs for cognitive development Key concepts related to ideas for the development of didactical materials for visualization of educational content applicable for the general education. Development of skills of trainees during the practical training is a prerequisite for applying elements of supportive educational environment for students at risk of early drop out.
informational technologies, electronic resources, supportive environment.