ARPHA Proceedings 1: 27-33, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0022
Social Media in Teacher Education: Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of its Effectiveness
expand article infoD. A. Boyarinov
Open Access
The role of social media in a pedagogical context is the focus of attention of many researchers. At the same time, the issues of highlighting the conditions for the effective use of social media in the pedagogical context and the analysis of attendant risks remain open. The purpose of this study is to identify the organizational and pedagogical conditions for the effective use of social media in pedagogical education. The identified organizational and pedagogical conditions are based on five key provisions. 1. Implementation of the principle of intermodality, according to which each student should be given the opportunity to engage in various forms of activity (educational and social). 2. The leading role of technology in organizing group work (including in the framework of project activities). 3. Individualization of the learning process. 4. Ensuring the continuity of the educational process. 5. Creation of special means of motivating students and providing feedback (special groups within the framework of social media). These conditions for the use of social media in pedagogical education are based on the principle of intermodality. These conditions allow us to individualize the learning environment, which expands the possibility of creative self-expression in learning activities. Students receive opportunities to implement personalized feedback (from peers and teachers), create their own groups and forums for sharing information and creating new personally significant knowledge, tools for interacting with specialists from different subject areas and professional sphere. In this case, an indirect effect is also achieved – an impact on those who are not directly involved in the educational process. Due to the interactive and open nature of social networks, students serve as models of social behavior for their peers, which contributes to an increase in the number of subjects of the educational space. Peers who are experiencing such an impact, find themselves in the conditions of informal education in fact.
social media, social networks, social software, groups, blogs, intermodality, informal education.