ARPHA Proceedings 1: 13-26, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0013
Up to the Problem of Development of Local Educational Standards in Russian Teacher Education
expand article infoA. G. Bermous, V. A. Kirik
Open Access
The article is focused on a very special, but also substantial problem for teacher education in Russia: the development and implementation of Local Educational Standards (LES). The thing is the Federal State Educational Standards (FSES) may only regulate most common aspects of teacher education, including its quantitative and formal measure, but a great amount of problems, including the conjunction of educational and professional standards, the distribution of core and optional courses, system of attestation etc. remains apart. Thus, it is a great challenge for higher education institutions such as federal universities to develop and to implement their own LES, which would be able to solve all these problems. It’s one of the most problematic aspects is that the studies of processes of standards developing and implementing in Russian education are getting less fundamental and substantial, so we do not have any general concepts of standards and how to operate them. So, it is important question, how to design teacher LES as a tool for solving modernization problems of regional systems of general and tertiary education. By involving set of approaches, including the global management one (Agile, Scrum) and endemic (such as the Moscow Methodological Circle schematic tradition), there was a new 5-component model for LES developed. Their components are: 1) philosophical and political background, 2) normative background, 3) modular structure, 4) infrastructure of LES, 5) program and project support. This model may be implemented not only at the Southern Federal University, where it has been developed, but also at any university or institutions in the scope of teacher and post-diploma education.
Federal state educational standards; local educational standards; development management.