ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1-2, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0001
expand article infoIlshat Gafurov, Roza Valeeva, Aydar Kalimullin
Open Access
This special edition presents a snapshot from around the world of the current state of the researches devoted to personal and professional development of teachers. The rapidly changing world entails a fundamental change in the mission of education - from translations of knowledge and skills to the industry of opportunities (motives, actions, meanings). This requires a person to continuously produce new knowledge, flexible and adaptive thinking. In this regard, in the 21st century, teacher education occupies a special place, since it develops the foundations for the success of the educational system as a whole. Therefore, in the last two decades, reform processes in teacher training have developed with varying degrees of intensity in many countries of the world.